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This article may be of interest to anyone concerned with : -

* Including inflammation caused by candida and dysbiosis overgrowth

Most of our regular customers are sure to be aware that just as not all bacteria are bad for us (the intestines, of course, require ‘good’ bacteria among its gut flora), neither are all fats bad for us. A fine example is Omega-3 fatty acids. So much so, in fact, that more or less all experts, thanks to a good deal of research, agree that this particular group of fats are great for contributing to everything from treating arthritis, dementia and depression to reducing the risk of heart disease and boosting brain health.

The drawback with Omega-3s is that our bodies aren’t capable of synthesising them; we can’t generate them ourselves. Therefore we have to get our fill of them through diet or supplementation. It’s very commonly known that a great source for them are fish. Specifically the compounds docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) within Omega-3's in fish oil which generally appear to offer the most potent health benefits. But there are other sources too. For vegetarians and vegans there are excellent alternative dietary and supplementary sources for Omega-3.

Omega 3 health benefits

So what of these benefits then? Perhaps more than anything else, Omega-3 fatty acids are of help when it comes to heart health. Not only are they capable of curbing inflammation in blood vessels throughout the body (thus, easing the pressure of work on the heart), but can also lower heart rate and ensure the development of abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) is less likely and slow down the build-up of plaque in blood vessels (which could also aid in the prevention of suffering a stroke). Research also suggests that heart attack survivors who’ve boosted their Omega-3 levels experience fewer heart attacks and are less likely to suffer a heart disease-caused death1.

Additionally, increased consumption of both DHA and EPA have the capacity to reduce levels of triglycerides (a specific blood fat that’s linked to heart disease), especially when combined with more exercise and lower intake of alcohol, sugary foods and processed carbohydrates, such as white bread and white rice. And it appears Omega-3s are also capable of lowering blood pressure – to some extent, at least – again, not least by complementing one’s Omega-3 intake with other dietary changes (i.e. less red meat and less salt). And, elsewhere in the body, research suggests that stiffness and pain in the joints of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers may experience some relief when these fatty acids are combined with anti-inflammatory medication.

In terms of mental health and brain health, there is a wealth of evidence that Omega-3 acids aids depression. Its is known that depression levels tend to be lower in countries where higher levels of Omega-3s are particularly common in typical diets. One Professor of Psychiatry who I went to listen to a lecture of a few years ago uses it extensively and routinely in his practise with all depression sufferers. Results take a good 8 weeks to become apparent in many cases, so it should not be regarded as an overnight cure, and those who benefit may need to continue to supplements with Omega 3 for good. But even most mainstream medicines for mental health have to be taken for 4-8 weeks to assess their effectiveness, and are often taken on a long term basis , whilst all the while having potentially harmful and dangerous side-effects, whereas side-effects from supplementing with Omega 3's are almost unheard of. It's now accepted that that essential fatty acids play a contributory role in brain function and the development of this organ; some too believe, based on research, that they may be able to help alleviate symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the suggestion being that they ought to be looked upon as supplementary to traditional treatment for this condition. Finally, it’s also believed that Omega-3s may be able to help with preventing dementia and age-related brain-function decline. More studies need to be conducted in this area, but research does suggest older people with Omega-3-rich diets are less liable to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Omega 3 sources – including vegetarian/ vegan-friendly options

Cold water fish are an excellent source for Omega-3 fatty acids – in particular, DHA and EPA. To that end, the American Heart Association actually recommends you get at least two servings of such fish each week.

But what about if you’re a vegetarian or vegan? Well, a great source are certain algae – yes, it’s both commercially grown for human consumption and, to that end, is considered mostly safe (although it’s probably best to steer clear of wild blue-green owing to potential toxins it might contain). Other vegetarian/ vegan-friendly sources – specifically for the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) Omega-3 fatty acid, which can be converted into both DLA and EPA in the body – include broccoli, flaxseed oil, spinach, walnuts and walnut oil. 

Omega 3 vegetarian supplements

Traditionally, driving up the body’s Omega-3 levels has been a challenge for those (like myself) of a vegetarian/ vegan persuasion, but with the supplement industry and the knowledge around Omega-3 benefits only ever expanding and rising, the market is beginning to cater to more and more people. Here are my favourite vegetarian/ vegan-friendly options (on no specfic order):

Vegan Omega 3. Approved by the Vegetarian Society, this supplement is one of the first available in the UK to give vegetarians and vegans a direct supply of both EPA and DHA derived not from fish but from natural algae; it’s also suitable for daily use and during pregnancy (no added Vitamins A and D) – note that maternal intake of DHA contributes to the normal brain development of the foetus and breastfed infants, as well as contributing to the normal visual development of infants up to 12 months of age.
 Liposomal Omega 3 – again, the Omega 3 oil this product comprises is derived directly from algae. The supplement’s produced via Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, a new solution for delivering nutrients in supplementation thanks to the nutrients’ encasing in a nano-sized fatty bubble (a liposome), enabling it to pass effectively through the stomach and digestive acids and arrive entirely intact to the body’s cells; precisely where it’s needed. Liposomal nutrients are claimed to 7-8 x more bioavailable than 'regular' supplements, thanks to the unique nature of  liposomal molecules.

Omega 3:6:9 - For those who want to take Omega 3 and Omega 6 and 9 oils, this is the one to consider.  This fresh, natural tasting formula provides cold pressed, 100% Organic, unrefined Flax Seed and Sunflower Seed oils, plus Extra Virgin Olive oil, protected with natural antioxidants. Omega 3:6:9 Balance Oil is designed to provide what is commonly regarded as the perfect 2:1 balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6, with added Omega 9. 

Best wishes
Mark G. Lester - Director
The Finchley Clinic Ltd
1. Mohebi-Nejad A. and Bikdeli B. ‘Omega-3 Supplements and Cardiovascular Diseases’. Tanaffos. 2014; 13 (1): 6–14.
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After the Festive Season Over Indulgence: The Colon Cleanse

Did you over indulge over Christmas? If so, now is the time to reduce the bloat, and clean out all the rubbish that has accumulated in your guts with Oxygen.

Candida Cleansing, Colon Cleansing and Oxygen

Oxygen, Oxygen Oxygen: The key to eradicating candida?

Our two most popular products for candida control are Threelac and Fivelac. (There is an article comparing Threelac and Fivelac here). These are probiotics with unique bacterial strains, which when used persistently seem to be particularly effective at helping candida sufferers. This is based on the great feedback we have been getting from our customers for the last 15 years. We highly recommend these products - taken patiently - initially for about 8-12 weeks on 2-3 sachets per day. If they don't work, we suggest trying other probiotic strains such as SymbionBiokult Candea, or Latero-Flora.

But where it comes to candida, probiotics, despite their undoubted usefulness, and are amongst our most important products, they are not the be all and end all for everyone. Two of the most important things that most candida sufferers need to consider is cleaning their colon's.


Basically this is because it is very hard to heal candida in someone who is constipated or where their insides are full of gunk that has encrusted on the gut wall.  It's like trying to push water uphill. A sluggish bowel will allow, and probably encourage the proliferation of candida, (as well as parasites). Many candida sufferers are constipated. In some cases Threelac, Fivelac and other probiotics help with this, but in general the oxygen colon cleansers discussed here are much more reliable specifically for promoting regularity.

Anyway, if you're not sure whether you are constipated or not, ask yourself the following four questions

1) When you go to the toilet, do you usually have to strain?
2) Are your stools very dry?
3) Are they formed like lots of little pellets or balls?
4) Are you going to the toilet less than twice per day?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", we would say your bowel movements are not regular enough. Being constipated is disastrous for general health for all sorts of reasons which we won't go into here. It also makes it hard to lose weight if you have a tendency towards being overweight. In relation to our main topic, if you have candida and are constipated, this makes getting rid of the candida into an uphill battle rather than a gentle downhill slope. Candida and other dysbiotic microorganisms thrive in a constipated, sluggish environment. Is that what you want?

If you have candida you may need to treat your constipation : -

If you are constipated, we usually recommend ColosanOxy-Powder or Mag 07. In virtually all cases this will have the following benefits: -

  • Ease constipation (though you may have to experiment a little to find the right dosage for you).
  • According to some sources, and based on the feedback I get from customers, tremendously help with candida overgrowth.
  • Enable you to continue on a more robust dosage of probiotics such as Threelac or Fivelac if constipation is holding you back.
  • By oxygenating the body they have many additional general health benefits beyond the scope of this article. As far as we are concerned, they are not just for candida cleansing and colon cleansing.
  • It's also great for flattening your tummy, and losing weight from around the waist. Actually they aren't so much weight loss as waist loss products, however many customers have been pleasantly surprised by this effect.

Do the colon cleansing products "cure" candida?

We are frequently asked whether the oxygen colon cleansers will get rid of candida directly. The suppliers opinions on this question seem to vary, so you won't get a consistent answer from them. Nonetheless we get phone calls all the time from people who claim that it has reduced or eliminated candida. The question is are they right?

Since candida is considered to be an anaerobic micro-organism, it would seem logical that using an aerobic (oxygen based) colon cleansing product would help. We are not aware of any clinical studies that demonstrate this, but many candida sufferers report that taking ColosanOxy-Powder or Mag 07 has eradicated or reduced their intestinal candida, and we have no reason to suppose they are lying.

What we are pretty sure about is that whether or not the colon cleasne products cure candida, a sluggish colon predisposes towards getting candida and other dysbiotic micro-organisms, and that a lot of people with candida have a tendency to constipation. This is not conducive to preventing or eradicating candida. We therefore believe many, in fact probably most people benefit from using one of the colon cleansers.

Which one is the best one?

We get asked this question so often, yet it's obvious that if there was only one which was always the best one, we wouldn't bother to sell three different ones? I mean why would we be bother to waste our time and your money if there was one that was the best one, for all the people, all of the time? So there is really no point in phoning us to ask us which one is the best one (even though we get these calls on a daily basis). They are very similar and in most people they work in a similar way for to one another. But we go get individuals who say that one worked better for them than another one  - sometimes drastically so. So if necessary, try more than one of them out for yourself, then you decide.

We also would say that its a very good idea to consider rotating between two or even all three of them every two to four weeks, especially if you are the type of person who tends to try products which work at the beginning, but then stop working after a while. This phenomena is called habituation (it's just a fancy way of saying "the body getting used to products until they stop working"). The best way to prevent this is to to keep rotating them so that the body doesn't get the chance to get used to them.

Can these products be used at the same time as having colon hydrotherapy, or to compliment colonic irrigation treatment?

Yes (we wish all the questions we got asked were as simple to answer as this one!)

Wishing Good Health To All Our Valued Customers.

Mark G. Lester
- The Finchley Clinic Ltd -  

Products to prevent colds and flu' this winter

 A quick summary...

1) All Vitamin C products boost immunity, and helps combats viral infection and pretty much all infectious disease. However our best selling one - for good reason I might add, is Tapioca Vitamin C - and I take this product myself. This form of Vitamin C is not expensive but it is special. Here is some typical feedback on this unique ultra-pure Vitamin C product from one of the practitioners who uses it on a daily basis : -

This is, by far, the best Vitamin C supplement I have ever used. Where most Vitamin C supplements absorb at 20% or less, this Vitamin C is of a very high quality and you will notice the difference very quickly once you start using this product. Most of my clients use this product and my entire family as well as myself is using it for around 2 years now. It will help to maintain good immune system; it also acts as a great Antioxidant and it is the ideal product for ‘Vitamin C Mega Dosing’ where required.

2) Zinc (our recommended one is Zinc Ascorbate) and Selenium (more or less any of them) also help tremendously in preventing viral replication.

3) Better still, take as an all-in-one product which combines Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium and other important antioxidants. We sell a number of similar products, but based both on value for money, and the actual balance of the nutrients provided, we think that Antioxidant Supreme which I take myself is the best one. This one does not have as pretty a label as some of the more established brands we sell. This does not detract though from its supeiority. In fact a tremendous amount of thought, effort, love and time has gone into producing and balancing this product. My own mentor used to say (repeatedly!) that everyone who wants to optimise their health should take this or something similar, long term. The only important vitamin antioxidant that's missing from this product, and for some reason almost all similar ones is...

4) Vitamin D, which close to 100% of people are deficient in during the winter. Having healthy Vitamin D levels is highly supportive to immunity, whereas being deficient is highly unsupportive (there is also overwhelming evidence that people who are chronically and long term low in this vitamin are statistically more likely both to get cancer, and if they do get end up with this awful illness, less likely to thrive and recover). Of the Vitamin D products we provide, we think this is the best one and is the one I personally use (although almost any Vitamin D product would be better than nothing), and is beneficial for almost everyone.

5) Anti-Viral herbs. Our top choices would include Pau D'Arco (also known as Lapacho), Samento (a much more powerful form of Cat's Claw), Barberry (which has similar properties to Golden Seal), and Olive leaf extract.

6) Support your adrenal glands. I could (and in ths past have) write a long newsletter on this subject alone. But cutting a long story short: Strong adrenals = strong immunity. Weak adrenals = low immunity. Our top choices from this category are Licorice Formula (or the more gentle Licorice Formula A for sensitive individuals), Adrenal Support and the unique, though rather pricey NADH.

7) Keep your colon clean and well oxygenated. As Dr Edward Group of Global Healing Center puts it, "Regular intestinal cleansing with an oxygen based colon cleanser like Oxy-Powder can support your immune system by providing a balanced, clean environment for probiotic bacteria to thrive. The positive benefits of intestinal cleansing with Oxy-Powder are enhanced when it’s paired with a good probiotic supplement."

9) And finally, as stated above, consider probiotics. Probiotics are NOT just for gut health. They also support immunity.

This isn't necessarily the be all and end all, but this is a good quick ABC of keeping health and vibrant over Christmas. Have a Happy Christmas or Chanukah if you celebrate these festivals. And if you don't just have a fun relaxing break!

Mark G. Lester
Director and boss - The Finchley Clinic Ltd

Active Digestive Enzymes - 90 capsules

 Active Digestive Enzymes 

Cocozone (Ozonated Coconut Oil) 60ml

Thyme Formula (Replaces Golden Seal Formula F)

Colosan Capsules - 120 Caps

Colosan Capsules - 120 Caps

Nutrisorb Chromium (as picolinate)

Nutrisorb Chromium (as picolinate)

Bio-Kult 120 capsules

Bio-Kult 120 capsules

Kelp Formula

Kelp Formula

Threelac Reviews

Threelac Anti-Candida Probiotic is available in sachets or capsules

It's not hard to work out why Threelac is our top selling anti-candida product: It's because it works! We think the following unsolicited reviews left on our web site over the years say it all.

Have you tried Threelac for your own candida overgrowth, and if so, did you use it for long enough?

I used Threelac on its own for 8 weeks, begining with one a day and building up to 2 a day for the second month. The first packet i used i 'felt' it working in a very physical way but thereafter, i was not aware of this - in 3 days my severe itching on the back subsided and the 'spit test' showed an improvement from the test i did 3 days before which had fungal yeast covering the entire base of the glass! At the end of the first month, the lesions on my arm, back and chest and face started drying up (usually infected, bleeding and painful). During the second month, I had steady improvement of symptoms - less lesions, less yeast in the spit test, no more itching from the very first packet (which i suffered frr 15 yrs!), improved oral thrush, better energy, clearer thinking, less short-term memory loss and calmer as my body seemed calmer! I stopped taking 3lac for 2 months and tried a soil organism product (experiment) and immediately had 'die off' reaction and my old symptoms gradually came back but not as fierce as they were before. So i returned to 3Lac on 3 a day for week, and 2 a day from week two and the symptoms have dramatically improved, but the terrible fatigue is taking longer to deal with. The most dramatic result was the cessation of itching and it never came back, even when i went without 3Lac. I am aware it may have done if I carried on without it thinking i had got rid of the yeast when i hadn't. Although it is recommend to carry on eating natural sugar with 3Lac, i found that it was more effective when i went without fruit in particular (for 4 weeks). I am now combining this with Active Digestive Enzymes and Colostrum as a programme, in an attempt to control yeast, leaky gut and supressed immune system. I recommend the product for anyone with fungal yeast issues.

For the past four years I have constantly suffered with UTI (urinary tract infections). It has been a viscous circle of thrush, cystitis, eczema and athletes foot. In between all of this I have been very tired and have cried many times with the tiredness and pain from the urinary tract infections. On doing some research for one of my essays I stumbled on the Finchley Clinic website and found that other people too have suffered like me. I must admit I was a little dubious at first and thought to myself it can't be true and end to all of this. However I was so desperate as numerous visits to the doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me. The doctor was treating my symptoms not curing them. So I gave it a go. I was amazed by the results. I have had no thrush since I started using threelac. I have had no cystitis. My eczema has gone off my legs and only flares now occasionally on two of my fingers. I have no athlete's foot and something my fiance mentioned was that spots that I usually had on my back were now down to the odd one now and again. This is good news as I'm getting married next year and will be able to choose a dress that shows my back. My energy levels have soared which is great news as being a Student Nurse I need lots of that. As a Student Nurse I read the Nursing Times regularly and was pleased to see that a letter in edition no.13, volume 100 dated the 30th March 2004 printed a letter on the use of probiotics. To sum the letter up a nurse urged Doctors to use probiotics on an elderly ward, the Doctor replied that his hands were tied because of insufficient research on them. She remarked that existing research shows them to be harmless and that they wouldn't interfere with any other medications. She persuaded a house doctor to prescribe Yakult and for the patients to drink it. She worked in South Africa over 10 years ago and she claims that doctors often prescribed probiotics at the same time as antibiotics. I think that it's a shame this country is not the same as I feel that I could have been saved a lot of pain and tears had my doctor prescribed them for me. While Yakult was not stronger enough to help me at least it's a start in the right direction. I urge people to at least give them ago, as you have nothing to lose. As for the cost of them which I know is expensive, but they are not as costly as continuous repeat prescriptions for thrush tablets, cystitis and betnovate steroid creams for eczema. 

After purchasing Threelac my symptoms of candida have disappeared. I had an operation for hydradenitis and I was not recovering at all. I was then diagnosed with chronic candida through the overuse of antibiotics and i was high risk superbug. The doctors prescribed me a gel for the painful tongue and mouth. However,i was then informed that the candida was fighting the gel! My daughter found your website and suggested i try Threelac. I did the candida test that was shown on your website and my symptoms did show in the glass. Initially after taking Threelac i felt like my eyes were brighter and i felt more awake. I am nearly at the end of my second tin. I recently did the candida test and the water was clear. I went to see the specialist last week who diagnosed the chronic candida and she was shocked that the candida had disappeared. She said it is unusual for it to disappear so quickly. I cannot believe the difference it has made. The sore tongue and the sores in my mouth have also cleared up. I do not know what i would have done if my daughter had not found your site. Thank you ever so much Mark

I have spent the last 18 months trying to resolve my problems of a continually unsettled stomach and fatigue following a traumatic period in my life. Whilst I have always had a sensitive stomach, it was manageable until the last year and a half when stress resulted in my body becoming run down. No diagnosis has been made, but through my own research I concluded I now suffered from candida. Further research led me to Threelac which I have tried for two months now. The process has been gradual, but I continually improve and have a calmer body and loads more energy. light is at the end of the tunnel and I recommend the product strongly, but remember that results may take time but the patience is worth it.

Threelac is the miracle cure I was waiting for. Candida closed my life down; it became an endless cycle of safe foods and activities, engaging in nothing that would aggravate or inflame my problem. To say it was depressing and tedious would be a huge understatement. Hope tinged desperation meant I would and did try everything. Nothing really worked. Until Threelac. I felt the difference within days and the good feeling lives on. Threelac fully restores all the pleasures of the flesh because my body has become a pleasure to be in. I can eat, indulge in, play and frolic to my hearts content - Chocolate, alcohol, liqueur coffee. Candida acts as an invisible bondage, shackling you to a thin, restrained, neutered experience of life. Threelac cuts those chains and to the starved senses, such freedom is sublime. A lot of products carry exaggerated claims and many therapists make reassurances and promises they are unable to fulfil. Having wasted a lot of time and money, not to mention the emotional investment, I can place my hand on my heart to vouch for this product. Id also like to add that Marks service is second to none. I usually receive my order within 2 days, sometimes the next day. This is incredibly reassuring, if like me, you tend to leave things till last minute. Im reluctant to use expressions such as this changed my life as they are so laboured in this results guaranteed culture but Threelac has, so I have to concur. It does what it says on the tin, how rare is that?

I had been suffering from Thrush and cystitus all my life and was even hospitalised five years ago for urinary problems - it was a horrid circle of having cystitus then the doctors gave me antibiotics which then gave me thrush and so on! I had always been suffering from bad indigestion and constipation! I looked on the web last July for a remedy and came across ThreeLac and thought its worth a go! I was dreading the"burn-out" but actually never had it. I started with three sachets a day in the first month and the following month two a day and now I just always have one as soon as I get up before breakfast and I can report I have not had any urinary problems, cystitus or really bad indigestion since taking these sachets and I couldn't live without my ThreeLac now. Only wish the Doctors would accept it!

I have been suffereing from thrush since Oct '04. I was at my witts end when I came across Threelac. I started taking it and at first i was discouraged, i had hope for a quicker result, it was only until i uped the dose to 5 packs a day that things started to change, i coupled that dose w/ drinking A LOT of water which helps to make sure the toxins leave your body properly. Its important not to give up on it

I'm fairly sure I've had candida since I was about 2, when I was on loads of antibiotics for recurrent pneumonia, followed by steroids for asthma (both of which kill off the good bateria). Then in my teens onwards I had a sweet tooth, a weight problem, underactive thyroid, PCOs, skin so itchy I wanted to scrub it with steel wool..and of course thrush symptoms. Then when I was about 22 the symptoms got much worse, to the point I thought I had MS, I was getting vision probs, numbness in right leg (which I still get if I have sugar/alcohol), memory loss, cognitive problems, and most importantly excrutiating pains in my gut, bloating and constant digestive probs.. Anyway, I eventually figured out it was candida, now proven, and I think I probably also had leaky gut.. Having done the anti candida diet (fun!) for 2 yrs, trying to combine it with Atkins (even more fun!), I eventually found out about Threelac. I took 2 packs a couple of years ago (about 5 sachets a day), and altho I did feel quite a bit better, especially after first month, there were no major improvements, I still was ill if I had sugar/alcohol. Then last month I got 6 packs and decided I needed to be a bit more drastic - I took between 20-30 sachets a day and I immediately FELT AMAZING!!! Not since I was a child have I felt so good in my skin!! My digestive probs disappeared, I was actually properly digesting food and so my hunger cravings went away, my metabolism kicked in and I WAS LOSING WEIGHT!! I wasnt even trying, I was eating the same as before but it was leaving me fuller!! Another absolutely brilliant thing is that it cleared up another major problem I've been having with blood sugar levels, namely hypoglycemia. I used to wake in the morning with my heart racing, even tho I was eating 'normally', I would get it later on in the day as well, just from the smallest surprise, it was like I was having a heart attack. And now its gone!! I know I went way over the recommended daily dosage, but I felt absolutely brilliant as a result. The only trouble is, altho I am now in much better health than before, I still have candida, and the 'extra' amazing feeling from when I was actually taking it has gone. And I think this is to do with how well developed the candida is in me. So I definitely need to be taking it for a longer time period. But still, I am so much healthier than before. The knowledge and relief from knowing there is something out there that can not only help but actually contribute to feeling great, is indesribably wonderful. I only wish that more people that have candida were aware of it, and of what they can do.

I have suffered IBS for 5 years with the usual symptoms of bloating, abdominal cramps, alternating loose bowels and constipation. I aslo have an intolerance to Wheat, Gluten and Dairy. After another period of being signed off from work with the above plus mild depression I reaserched the internet to find that I may have a Candida Albicans overgrowth - as I ate a sweet diet - having ruled out all wheat / gluten and dairy there was not much choice - i adore chocolate and so that was my compensation for not being able to eat my other food favourites. I had also taken the contraceptive pill for many years. I did the saliva test and this came up with the result I was expecting (see the diagram). From that moment I cut out ALL sugar, yeast,and mould producing foods as well as still being on the wheat and dairy free diet too. I lived on Salad and Veg!! The occasional apple was allowed. I also started taking Threelac with Oxygen Elements Plus and Active digestive enzymes. It was very hard especially the first two weeks, but after a while I stopped having sweet cravings. I do not have to eat every two hours like I had to before otherwise I got shaky and faint. Its been 5 months now and I am coming to the end of the programme. I am still taking two threelac a day as maintainence. I feel a lot better have lost weight and am able to eat the occasional sandwich or pasta dish without being in severe pain from the cramps. Taking Threelac is now a staple part of my lifestyle, its helping my weight stay stable and allowing me more freedom with what I eat. I would recommend to anyone who has suffered with digestive problems to give it a try - initally it is expensive when taking 5 straws a day but I would pay it all again as It has worked for me.

I have suffered from thrush since childhood and all of the usual treatments available from doctors, chemist etc. had failed to work. As an adult I have suffered from severe thrush, so severe in fact that I could not sleep, I was in agony with it and quite unable to do anything. In addition to the thrush I was suffering from fatigue which made me quite depressed. After exhausting conventional medicine and suffering many humialting examinations at the doctors who could not understand why I kept getting this recurring problem, I found this product. I cannot recommend this product enough! After initially taking one or two sachets, I ended up taking about 6 in one day and to my surprise it actually worked! I also found that I have more energy and feel generally all-round healthier when I am taking this product. I also found that the Oxygen elements plus product really accelerated the healing process as well. I now regularly take this product as a maintenence more than anything but if I feel a flare up coming on I just take a few more sachets and the problem disappears. It has made an enormous difference to my life, I recommend this to anyone I know who has a similar problem and I urge anyone who is considering buying this product to do so as it truly works!!

Before taking threelac, I was getting thrush outbreaks repeatedly. I also did the spit test on The Finchley Clinic's web site, which indicated that I have candida. Since I started taking it, I have forgotten what thrush even feels like. In the first couple of months I still had a couple of minor outbreaks (though much less than before) and after that I didn't have any. It's now been 6 months; I have no thrush symptoms and no strings on the saliva test.

I have suffered for 15 years from from chronic fatigue, muscular pain, vaginal fungal infections, poor concentration, brain fog, and in the last 2 years rashes and itching and was diagnosed with chronic urticaria for which I have been put on strong medication which reduced the itching but didnt stop the skin outbreaks. I also had strong cravings for rich, sweet foods. A month ago, I started takong threelac on one per day, then increased to to 2 per day after about a week. within a few days I noticed I was waking up feeling like a normal person again. I was able to go through the day without having a nap and the brain fog had disappeared. the fungal infections stopped after two weeks. Threelac has changed my life.

I have been taking Threelac now for 4 months, to try and eradicate my Candida once and for all. What I have noticed is that the fungus, which I have always had on one of my big toes, has disappeared and instead of a really thick nail I have a perfectly normal nail, which matches all my others. This has been an added bonus and hopefully my Candida will disappear too.

i've had candida since i started taking the contraceptive pill, which was four years ago now. As soon as i figured out what was causing the thrush all the time (the doctors were useless, so i did my own research on the net), i stopped taking the pill and had the IUS mirena (coil) put in. I was also on the strict diet which to be fair worked almost instantly, but after four months i thought i would be better. But over the next month it gradually came back. Feeling very upset and frustrated, i thought i would try threelac, i didn't care at this point about the cost. I thought if it works it will be worth it! I bought one box just to try it out, and i noticed a real difference after i started taking three to four sachet' a day, (i am also stopping eating yeast bread, refined sugar and alcohol), and when the box finished i noticed it came back. So i've just ordered two more boxes to try and get rid of candida for good. It's just going to take time and patience!

Hi, i have written a review before about threelac at which point i had just ordered two boxes. Now this worked really well and i felt great, after i had run out i had no returning sympton's for about four months. Up until this piont i was thinking great i was rid of candida and that was it, but surely enough thrush did return. Feeling very upset and thinking i am back to square one again, and thinking why did i have to choose to take the contraceptive pill in the first place. But you cant sit there and think what if, so i am more determined than ever to get this under control. I have now done more research into candida, and asked myself why it keeps returning? So although i have taken threelac and it works, but then my first returning sympton is thrush. Now i have looked further into leaky gut syndrome and i have imagined what it is like in my gut. This is where candida becomes out of control and becomes a fungal infection which for want of a better word 'drills' holes in the intestinal wall. This is quite serious as it now lets undigested food enter straight in to the blood stream, slows digestin and can stop processes take place which is vital for your body's functions. And this is all attacking the immune system. Anyway i could go on, but my point is if you are trying to fight a severe case of candida (five years for me now), you will need more than just threelac. So i have ordered about five products including, threelac which will start to fight the candida over growth.

I understand there are very few remedies to Candida but Threelac has produced excellent results in keeping it to a minimum. I'm now on a permanent prescription of one or two sachets a day. My candida is a mild but stubborn form that I've all but given up killing, since it seems I've inherited a naturally acidic digestive system that causes similar ailments among my family. Mostly I just get a tired feeling and watery eyes when I eat something sugary, while wine and beer or lots of bread (after a recent indulgent trip to France) gives me terrible flatulence. However, a good dose of diarrhoea flushes the worst out. Living in Thailand I can avoid most wheat (rice is the staple here) but they sneak sugar into all sorts of things (noodle dishes, friend rice and so on). Then there is the widespread use of chilli and my system invariably succumbs to diarrhoea about once a week from this. After this occurs I give myself a thorough detox (yes, the undignified and messy task of shoving a tube up your bum and emptying 2 litres of warm coffee into your large intestine). I usually do a second one with water to really flush everything out, and fast for 12 hours prior to this. If you do so be sure to rehydrate yourself thoroughly afterwards (including rehydration salts) and take it easy, plus eat something soft like soup. I don't think doing a detox more than once every few months is recommended. Anyway, after this I find that much of the candida fungus is purged from my system and a simple test from eating something sugary reveals almost no reaction or symptoms. It doesn't entirely kill it, but is a useful way to bring it under control after a bout of indulgence. Of course it's always back to the diet of threelac to keep it in check

Since taking threelac (4 sachets per day) my raging diarrhea and gale force wind have disappeared, which I have suffered from terribly for years. I have been less tired, getting less migraines, have lost weight (probably due to my thyroid problem improving). I'm not cured of all symptoms but theres been a dramatic improvement. I've also been able to reduce the thyroxine I'm taking. I have been taking other products which have included aerobic oxygen, biokult and active digestive enzymes, so I cant say for sure what proportion of my improvement is down to the threelac, but I believe this has been the primary product that has helped me.

I would like to say that i had a very severe case of Candida, probably the most serious you can get. It is absolutely imperative that you follow "The Finchley Clinics" advice. This product is wonderful and it does what it says on the tin, but like the review says, it rarely works overnight. For myself, there was no great change for 6 weeks or so, and then only slight improvements. However, after 6 months Candida had totally gone, then i made the mistake of coming off it, soon it was back. I sufferred a serious relapse and lost several kilos through severe diarreah. Once again I began taking Threelac, only this time i have not come off it, i take a daily dose of 1 straw, and i am very pleased to say i have been clear for one year now. Thanks to the professional advice given to me by The Finchley Clinic, i believe they have saved me so much pain, discomfort and most of all, time, energy, and money. If you have Candida and you ignore Marks advice, then expect Candida to ignore you. Mark is a master at this, i can only thank God that he was around. Thank you Mark for all your advice, 18 months later, i am fit and well again. 

I suffered fungal infection of the toenail for some mnonths. The doctor said I might have to take anti fungal tablets, but he said it was a last resort because it was damaging to the liver. I did some research on threelac and decided to give it a go. I took 3 sachets per day, and the infection began to go after about 3 weeks. After 3 months it has disappeared completely.

a quick review of threelac and paratrex........this product has turned my life around , literally. I used to be so depleted of energy I found it hard to rouse any sort of interest in anything at all, often struggling to walk and had severe muscle contractions for over 23 years. my life has been like that - a cycle of existing rather than living. now I find myself getting up in the morning, sleeping well at night, no muscle contractions, able to walk , so well i a now playing golf 3 times a week, and practicing days. alongside threelac i have been taking paratrex, which seems to have helped with bowel regularity, and I have at long last got rid of the infuriating itching in my anus, again for several years. currently I am taking MSM, pau d'arco, milk thistle, threelac and paratrex, and all I can say is THEY REALLY WORK, and I would recommned them to anyone with similar probles to those I had.

This is a truly fantastic product and it has completely changed my life. After ten years of suffering and medical appointments I was diagnosed with M.E. Nothing in my blood tests or x-rays showed any abnormalities yet I was constantly exhausted, bloated, had tingling and itchy skin, eyes, ears and throat as well as some blurred vision, not to mentioned feeling frustrated with there being nothing to show for feeling constantly ill in my medical tests. I had bad headaches and muscle/joint aches and terrible mood swings as a result of these symptoms. I could barely eat anything without getting a rash, swollen face, fingers and an awful reaction to anything sweet, whether it was sugar or sweeteners. Fruit was out of the question and after a few alcoholic drinks I would be completely fatigued for a whole week which resulted in me cutting this alcohol completely. After desperately searching the internet as a last resort I came across some information about M.E and candida. I did the "saliva test" and the immediate result suggested I had a yeast related problem. Having never suffered thrush (my candida problem was digestive related) I was not sure about this theory although most of my symptoms matched those of candidasis and after the saliva test I decided to look for treatments for candida independently because I was aware it wasn't fully recognised by medical practitioners. I came across Threelac and found this Finchley Clinic site. I e-mailed Mark Lester who was extremely helpful and read reviews written by others. I am aware that for some sufferers Threelac can take a while to work, but I feel very fortunate that I noticed significant improvements within 4 days of taking 3-4 sachets per day. My gut feels much better, my head feels clearer and my horrible itchy, rashy and flaky skin is no more. I have introduced foods to my diet which I hadn't eaten for years and I can drink alcohol again. My mood has improved as a result of this and I feel so incredibly grateful and thankful that I discovered Threelac. For anyone who is wondering whether it will work for them I would really recommend sticking in and giving this product a well deserved chance.

The Finchley Clinic recommended this product to me for treatment of nipple thrush. I had been completely debilitated by the condition and was finding it very difficult to continue breastfeeding my baby daughter. I have been taking Threelac for two and a half months now and it has cleared up the thrush. I had tried every conventional treatment that my doctor could prescribe prior to this and they had given up on me, saying that my only option was to stop breastfeeding. I persevered and am so glad that I made the phone call to the Finchley Clinic. I would heartily recommend Threelac. I believe that it is in large part due to this product that my daughter and I still have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship. Thank you!

After suffering from Chronic Fatigue for appriox 10 years, I FINALLY found Threelac. I work in the health industry and have tried literally millions of products, which I have no doubt helped but in no comparisson to Threelac. My average day would consisit of a major drop in energy around 10.15am, the brain fog would start to set in along with an aching body. I would have to rush home at lunch desperate to sleep hoping to gain enough energy for the rest of the day. The results for me we almost instant! The 1st week I enjoyed three full days of not needing to sleep at lunchtime the 2nd week four days! I can say it has changed my life. I am now on my 2nd month and have increased my sachets to 4 per day. Another thing that is very apparent is the fact that I used to suffer from the cold. My hands and feet were always freezing since taking the Threelac this is not nearly as severe. I had no external symptoms of candida hence why I had not tried this route before. I think everyone would benefit greatly from this product. 

This product is excellent. I feel like a new man since I started taking it daily for the last 3 months. More energy, no more foggy headed mornings. My appetite has improved and my digestive system is working perfectly. Thanks for supplying.

Threelac is a great product. Following an operation I have been suffering with thrush for months, as well as cystitis, PMS, acne outbreaks and mood swings. I began taking threelac three months ago and have seen a great improvement. I have only had one outbreak of thrush after taking antibiotics and all other symptoms have almost disappeared. I know the candida is not fully cleared yet as the spit test still shows stringy but I am beginning to try some further products and can at least control the symptoms a lot better. Mark at the Finchley clinic is extremely helpful and supportive and I have been very impressed with their service. Many thanks.

After a diagnosis of post viral fatigue and 2 months off work as a PE teacher I finally took the plunge and bought a box of threelac. Within 24 hours i began to feel better and able to cope with daily tasks. I am now looking forward to returning to work this week. I am still far from perfect, but I believe threelac has helped put me on the right path. Many thanks Mark!

Having been brought up on a diet of antibiotics and white bread, I was a prime candidate for bad stomach flora and candida. About 6 months ago I started using threelac as I wanted a good quality natural probiotic to add to my diet and I wanted to tackle my candida symptoms. Threelac is perfect for this. I also do regular enemas on myself and go for colonics and threelac is a great way to balance out my body afterwards, making sure all the good bacteria is in my tummy. Its pleasant to take too, a delicate lemon flavoured powder easily washed down with water. I started off with 6 sachets a day as part of a my candida cleanse but now I use one sachet a day for long term maintenance. Perfect!

I began using this product along with oxygen drops and other products recommended by Mark after suffering from chronic candida-related fatigue for the guts of twenty years. I was astounded at the results - within hours of taking it for the first time the increase in energy was incredible and it is an improvement that has been maintained. An excellent product that has left me feeling better than I can remember. Highly and happily recommended!

I have suffered with the side effects of candida for years-the overeating as a result of food cravings, dry skin, depression, tiredness, etc. I tried the very restrictive diet recommended by some books I read, however I found this difficult to fit in with any kind of family or social life. In desperation, I was surfing the internet for some advice & came across an American review of Threelac which sounded too good to be true. After some more research I found the product was available at The Finchley Clinic, so I ordered some to try along with Oxygen Elements Plus and Active Enzymes. I thought it was quite expensive, but then so is overeating !! I have now been using these products for almost 4 months. Apart from an occasional bad day, the food cravings have disappeared, my skin is much better and I am no longer tired and depressed. As a bonus I have lost almost 2 and a half stone.

Hey Mark This threelac stuff is amazing - my lactose intolerance is SO much better since I started taking it last month - I can eat butter and cheese without coming out in a rash... cool! doctor insisted it had nothing to do with yeast... Cheers Matt

 I have been trying to rid myself of candiasis for years. I have a patch of skin on my foot which has been described as eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, lichen planus, lichen simplex, and several others. I read several years ago about a Professor Crook I think his name was, and his theory that such allergies and ailments are caused by overgrowth of candida in the gut. I read everything I could on the internet, and went to see a lady called Rosemary Heddle at the Ashford Clinic of Complementary Medicine. She has a machine called a Vegi something, and she gets you to hold an instrument in one hand whilst she does readings. I went a total sceptic, and came out a convert to alternative medicines. Her theory is to omit all of the irritants and treat the body with homeopathic remedies. This is fine in theory, but is impossible in real everyday life, especially as preparing food is my occupation. I often go through the web to see if anything has been found to conquer candida albicans, and I think Threelac may well be the answer. My skin condition has in the past few months got severely worse, spreading to my limbs, and since taking threelac for a week or more, one patch has almost disappeared and I live in hope for the others. Anyway, just to let you have a bit of feedback on your product and I will keep you posted. As one who has tried all sorts of cures, I think I may be at the end of the search. One day doctors will realise that steroid and cortisone creams are only cover ups for the real problems, and they may even admit that candida albicans is a real problem. All they do is prescribe topical ointments which thin and burn and scar the skin instead of getting to the real root of the problem. Well, merry Christmas and lets hope it will be a happier new year for all of us who try Threelac. 

I am happy to be able to provide a testimonial to the beneficial use of ThreeLac. At the beginning of the year I began to suffer from recurrent thrush. Being in my 40's this was not a problem that I had experienced with any regularity since my 20's. I didn't feel happy about the continued use of the normal pessary treatment and I really wasn't ready for a solution that would entail the use of long-term oral medication. I knew that Candida conditions were linked to various internal imbalances so I felt that a more natural approach must be available. I toyed with the idea of a sugar-free diet, which I knew from previous investigations could produce dramatic results, but let's face it who wants to live without sugar! Well, I certainly didn't. So after much surfing on the Internet I came across the ThreeLac product. I decided to start on 2 packets a day and within a few days I felt a difference! But I must say that the greatest improvement came at just short of two months of using the product. I have now been using Three Lac for almost 3 months and I have not had any recurrence of thrush during that time. I have felt the odd twinge but it has always subsided and if I feel worried that thrush may develop then I just take an extra packet for that day. It's likely that the results would be even better for someone who would be willing to have the minimum amount of sugar in their diet, but the important thing is that it's worked for me and that I haven't had to make any dramatic lifestyle changes. I recommend Three Lac wholeheartedly. 

This is my second review of Threelac, the last one being 2 years ago when I had my last bout of severe anxiety & depression brought on by what I’m convinced is chronic Candida. I’m currently coming out of another bout of anxiety and depression which again I’m sure is all candida-related. My story is a long one, and my journey to good health may be a long one too, but I wanted to share my experience with Threelac as I feel so passionate that so many people could benefit from this amazing product. After many years of doing my own research and being recommended Finchley Clinic products by my first colonic therapist, I have now pretty much self-diagnosed myself with chronic Candida and Hypoglaecaemia and most likely Gluten intolerance, other food intolerances and gut problems. My symptoms include anxiety, depression, moodiness, nervousness, agitation, panic attacks, muscle and joint pain, pins and needles, numbness, sinus pressure and pain, ear pain, itchiness, sensitive teeth, dizziness, bloating, belching, gas, constipation, chronic fatigue, anger, fear and irritability. Oh yes…and let’s not forget the heartburn that could have stripped wallpaper! Here’s my story… I'm a 32 year old female and as a young child I was given a lot of antibiotics for recurrent tonsillitis/throat infections (I still have my tonsils). I also suffered from excema on my elbows and knees and I was given steroid creams that took away the symptoms but didn’t really get to the root of the problem. I was advised to avoid dairy products by one doctor who obviously knew what he was talking about but that didn’t stop me drinking pints and pints of homogenised un-organic cow’s milk everyday. I also went through a phase of having Asthma when I was about 12 which the doctors gave me yet more medicine for and told me I would "grow out of it". Funnily enough I became allergic to feather pillows at about the same time. I left school at 16 as I was rebellious and un-focussed and wanted to “experience the world”. Then when I was 19 my Appendix burst...yet more drugs, antibiotics (for 2 months solid) and a BIG abdominal operation. How I survived is anyone’s guess. A year or so later I started to suffer with bad heartburn and periods of chronic liver colic, I didn’t know it was liver colic at the time, to me it was just waves of chest pain that radiated from my abdomen up to my chest. This turned out to be gallstones. The NHS hospital did a scan but found no gallstones (typical) and they tried to give me more pills to "ease my spasms" which I refused to take. I joined Bupa a couple of years ago and they finally detected gallstones and I had to have my gallbladder removed at the age of 31, which is regrettable but it needed to be done and it has helped my digestion a bit. I've also had constant bouts of thrush over the years and I have spent a lot of wasted money on canesten pills and pessary's which only took away the external symptoms for a short while. I had 2 wisdom teeth removed through the NHS (bad experience involving antibiotics), then the other 2 wisdom teeth out through Bupa (Good experience without antibiotics, yay!) but it all yet again resulted in more general anaesthetics, painkillers, drugs and very bad sinus problems (which the GP then diagnosed as an inner ear infection and gave me yet more drugs, brilliant!). Oh yeah, and they tried to give me drugs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was about 26 years old which I refused to take. I went for a colonic irrigation session instead only to be told I was "chronically constipated". Well that would explain a few things! But more importantly for me, since I was 22 I have suffered really bad bouts of debilitating anxiety/depression which doctors always diagnosed as "Agitated Depression". My mother, grandmother and brother have all been diagnosed with this too at some point. Hmmm, interesting. I was always prescribed ‘Citalopram’ which I took because for me the depression and anxiety was so bad that I felt I needed to take pills to be able to just function on a daily basis. They worked for a while but eventually made me more depressed, sluggish, toxic and, more distressingly, about 2 or 3 stone overweight. They sent me for counselling which didn’t have a huge effect. I’m convinced my bio-chemistry is so shot to pieces that no amount of talking or Cognitive therapy is going to help until I sort my chemistry out. I might find my emotions sort themselves at the end of this long journey anyway, here’s hoping! When I was 30 it all came to a head very badly after a motorbike accident. After the accident I went to Gran Canaria on holiday for Christmas and got a really bad dose of flu while I was over there. I was given 4 lots of antibiotics by a Spanish doctor which I took because I felt so nauseous and fearful. He told me I had a stomach, chest, throat and ear infection and of course I believed him. By mid January I thought “hey, I’m better” and I hit the pub with my mates & boyfriend and started to drink pints of beer. I loved the beer and I was literally craving Hoegaarden beer, yeast, white carbs and sugar by this point. By February the cystitis kicked in but the doctor did a urine test and found nothing. This was closely followed by paranoia, chronic hypochondria, fearfulness and panic attacks. By March I was signed off work because I couldn’t stop crying and just couldn’t function with daily tasks. And I had Agoraphobia and didn’t want to leave the house. Then I remember waking up one night at 0100am with what can only be described as chronic anxiety and agitation. I was literally screaming the house down with anxiety and pacing the floor as I was in so much turmoil. I woke my boyfriend up as I was terrified as I had no idea what was happening to my body. I made my boyfriend call my brother and my brother told me to make a cup of tea and switch on the news and relax and “let it pass”. It did pass, but not for long, so I went to the doctors and when I sat down in her surgery I burst into tears and told them I was convinced I was dying. They told me I wasn’t dying and that given my history I was just “depressed”. The paranoia was terrible, I couldn’t even watch the news as it freaked me out and one mention of a terminal illness and I would have a panic attack and want to run for the hills. I then got it into my head that I had worms/parasites (quite possible) and I was determined to check myself into the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Soho in London. My GP looked at me very strangely as if to say “ok, you’re nuts” then she immediately prescribed me the maximum dosage of Citalopram because I think she thought I might commit suicide. I took the Citalopram and it did work after a few weeks but the side-effects were horrific. My family kept telling me to calm down and let the anti-depressants "take hold". In my state of panic and fear I contacted my colonic therapist who suggested that I start taking mega-doses of Threelac along with eating shed loads of garlic, doing garlic enemas almost every day, taking high doses of Colosan, drinking 3 or 4 litres of purified or good bottled water a day and giving it “time”. Turns out I was also chronically dehydrated. Alongside all this I was being very careful about what I ate but I wasn’t particularly hungry anyway as I felt so sick. So after my colonic therapist suggested Threelac I went away and read almost every article I could find on Candida and Threelac on the Finchley Clinics Website and I contacted Mark Lester for some advice. Everything started to make sense and light bulbs went off in my head and I realised that I was suffering from all the Candida symptoms that were listed on the website. I started to put two and two together and realised what was going on inside my body. Although this was a HUGE relief, I still felt very sick. So … I got my credit card out and decided to throw some money at the situation, I was determined to beat this and I was desperate. I bought Threelac, Oxy Elements Max and Colosan and I got to work with my regime. I started taking one sachet of Threelac a day and built up to 6 sachets a day. I was also taking about 6-10 Colosan caps a day to keep me regular and keep my stools soft (constipation is one of my MAJOR problems) I was also doing enemas at least every couple of days or once a day and sometimes even twice a day – something that takes a while to get used to but is so worth it. I came to the conclusion that my Candida problem was particularly stubborn, deep and chronic, I mean that level of anxiety, depression and history of ailments doesn’t just come from nowhere. So after a couple of months I purchased ‘Samento’ because I was aware I had chronic fatigue, herpes (and probably loads of other viruses), blocked sinuses, ear aches and my general health could do with a boost. The Samento kicked in pretty quickly as its strong stuff and it really made a difference. After about 6 months I felt like a new woman, so much more clear and alive and without all the aches and pains. I then reduced to 2 sachets a day of threelac then one sachet a day for maintenance. But I was still on the anti-depressants which was frustrating as I knew they were toxic for my body so I hated taking them. So, its now about 2 years later (June 2011) and here is where I'm at. I’ve been off the anti-depressants for about 7 months and I had been taking one sachet of Threelac a day for the last year or so as maintenance. However, over the winter months I wasn’t looking after myself particularly well....heavy sugar/carb diet, drinking wine and beer and not getting enough exercise. I also wasn’t taking enough of the right supplements and wasn’t having enough regular bowel movements (stagnant basically). And on top of all this my body was still trying to get rid of the toxins from the anti-depressants. In January 2011 I decided to do what most people do in January….detox!!! I started skin brushing as my lower right leg was aching (brought on by sugar/alcohol I think) and I tried to eat more protein, less carbs and snack on nuts and other healthy bits and bobs. I also had a couple of stinking colds and started to feel “less than great”. One night at the beginning of April I was eating my dinner, which if I remember was pretty carb-heavy (thanks to my cravings). After dinner I started to get really bad pain in between my shoulder blades so I decided to take 4 sachets of Threelac because I thought “uh oh, I think my Candida is back!” I woke up the next day and felt low, flat and tearful. Then later in the day I started to have panic attacks. I knew the Threelac was taking effect but people kept telling me it was all emotional. I’m not saying there isn’t emotional stuff there, but this all felt too coincidental. Immediately I started on a strict diet cutting out sugar / yeast / gluten / wheat / dairy / alcohol and had to make sure to eat every 2 hours otherwise I would be a shaky mess. I then got another stinking cold, and a really bad bout of hypoglaecaemia that resulted in me being almost bed-ridden and in tears ALL the time. Proper cold turkey. I thought I was going mad, the darkness and depression was overwhelming although not as bad as it had been 2 years ago. Perhaps this is progress and I am reversing my symptoms thanks to these products. However, I contacted Mark again as I was desperate for a pep-talk and some advice and he recommended I take high doses of  formula along with the 6 sachets of Threelac a day (I will review Wild endive Formula in more detail in the Wild endive formula section). The Wild endive kicked in after a week or 2 and I started to feel amazing...much more alive and alert and more able to cope. I just felt like the depression had lifted. I've lost a ton of weight and people keep telling me how amazing I look and asking me “what’s my secret”? However, I made the mistake of stopping taking the Wild endive formula a couple of weeks ago.... and then just a couple of days ago I hit rock bottom again. I had to call in sick from work and I cried all day and was VERY moody and irritable. But after another call to Mark he advised me to get back on the Wild endive formula ASAP for at least another few weeks which I have done. Today as I write this I feel much better and much calmer. I had not been able to write any reviews recently as I felt so ill and confused. So I think the message here is to keep taking the Wild endive for the die-off! I'm still on 6 sachets of Threelac a day and have been for about 7 weeks and I will probably need to take 6 sachets a day for at least another few months, possibly a year as my Candida is so deep-rooted. Yes, I have spent a fortune on these products over the last couple of years but for me my health and wellbeing is my number one priority and I can’t really focus on living a happy life if I feel unhealthy and miserable. And I certainly don’t want to take prescribed medication for the rest of my life as I plan to have a baby at some point and I would rather not risk passing on any nasties to my offspring! I will also keep following my low GI diet and will refrain from alcohol for a while. Perhaps one day I'll be able to indulge in my favourite foods and drinks, all in moderation of course. I may well take Threelac for the rest of my life in small doses in the hope that it will keep me “ticking over” so I can avoid these long-term periods of ill-health. It really is about finding the right combination of products for you. I hope if you read this you will be inspired to take Threelac and use Mark and the Finchley Clinic for all his amazing support, products and advice. I'm not fully recovered 100% but I'm definitely getting there. But now at least I can ignore the useless advice of GP's, stop taking over-the-counter and prescribed meds and find a natural solution that will work for me. Wishing you lots of happiness and health xxx

I previously ordered fivelac which affected me differently than the threelac, however still very good in response to candida and any yeast overgrowth, its true it is more effective than yoghurt, and to say that a small sachet can do as much good too, i highly recommend with other treatments for this terrible affliction.

My wife and I have been married 27 years. The entire time, she has had IBS and gastric problems - bloating, constipation and other symptoms. Colonic irrigation gave releif - for a few days only. She did this for 10 years and spent a fortune. Within a week of taking threelac, her bowels finally began to move normally. Absolutely amazing! I have also been taking it, and its given me better and better bowel movements. I only need 1-2 sachets per day, My wife needs up to 6 per day. We are now regular customers, and will be taking threelac for as long as we are alive.

This is a remarkable product. I've suffered from Crohn's Disease for 35 years. Only recently did I make the connection between candida and Crohn's, so stopped eating sugar in any form to stop feeding the candida, and introduced Threelac into my diet. The results have been astounding: no more bloat and pain, no more sore ulcerated mouth, and my gut works like a Swiss watch. I believe it has also improved my immune system, as I have thrown off two colds very quickly, when usually at this time of year I don't expect to be cold-free until the following spring. My husband has now started taking Threelac as well, and found it settles an upset stomach almost instantly. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

Since taking threelac (3 sachets per day) my raging diarrhea and wind have disappeared, which I have suffered from terribly for 10 years. theres been a dramatic improvement since taking this product. thank you mark for the advise i would also like to recomend optibac for bowel calm if you suffer from the above problem. it sure feels good be be free again BRILLIENT !!!!!! LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL ............... X

Great product it help my bodies imbalance previously and I really need it again!

My wife has long term neuropathy affecting her hands and feet, but also causing poor digestion and constipation. The constipation also causes poor sleep and lethargy. Oxy-Powder worked at first for the constipation, but soon stopped working. But Threelac works consistently and reliably and never stopped working, at least not in the 3 years she has been taking it. I would say this product has been literally a life saver for her. I used to suffer from awful bloatendess. Within a couple of months of taking 2 per day for a week then one per day, I had a terrific boost to my bowel movements too and no more bloatedness which has been maintained when I stopped taking it. My wife needs to take threelac on an ongoing basis, but I only seem to need to take short courses of it from time to time.

I've had candida since I was 20 (though I didn't realise it then), and I am now 65. There are very few things that hves done anything that help me. It has reduced it down to a level where I don't feel ill all the time. I still have to be very strict with my diet, and avoid all carbohydrates. But before I found threelac I was still strict with my diet, and I still felt crap. Now I am strict with my diet, but feel good, and don't get the foggy brain, the painful joints and muscles, pain around my liver and body odour that my wife complained about. I need to mention that at first I felt worse. I phoned the advice line, and Mark Lester was confident that this was a die-off reaction, and I should persist. I took his advice, and I am so glad I did. I feel so much better now. My wife has not responded so well, so she is currently trying Optibac Probiotics for Bowel Calm to see whether that works better in her case.

I have been taking Threelac, on and off, for over 10 years now. I started taking it after the birth of my third child when as well, as post natal depression, my body went 'AWOL'! My whole system threw a wobbly, well a lot more than that actually. My hair started to fall out, the skin on my fingers and toes would crack open revealing deep fissures, I found I couldn't remember the names of everyday objects, my digestive system seemed to stop operating altogether. My skeletal system felt so week I could hardly stand long enough to peel a few potatoes!I would experience excruciatingly painful stomach cramps which would have me crying out in pain all night and eventually resulted in my being admitted to hospital with suspected gall stones. I do have gall stones but they were not what was causing the pain because after being given a dose of morphine the pain went instantly; the doctors couldn't explain this. My husband searched the internet for a answer and read about this common, though often unheard of condition, Candidiasis. The symptoms added up to what I was experiencing so we searched for a cure. We found Threelac. We ordered a box which arrived the morning of my Grandfather's funeral. I took one sachet, not really expecting to notice any change but within an hour I can honestly say I felt different, 'lifted' somehow. Well it was along process but I persevered. I was told that initially the Threelac would clean out my intestines which were overrun with bad-bacteria and had systemically affected all areas of my body and boy did it do that! I felt lighter and had a lot more energy. I still take Threelac as a maintenance dose because I DO NOT want to go through what I went through again. I know Threelac has its critics like anything else but I also know that whilst the doctors could NOT cure me... Threelac DID!

I was always a little sceptical about trying products for candida especially as they can be expensive. I have tried so many over the years and none have worked. I reached a point in my life where I was just so poorly, I was bloated, I looked pregnant, my joints hurt, I was lethargic and felt very low. I decided to give Threelac a try and wow, what a difference. I did make the ultimate mistake though, I finished the course, started feeling better so decided to discontinue using it (mainly because of the cost). Within a few weeks things started to go down hill. My tummy was bloated again, I was tired, no energy and just wanted to sleep all the time. Once I re-purchased it the symptoms again disappeared. The product makes such a difference to me that even family members notice the difference. I cannot recommend this product enough, it genuinely gave me my life back.

Threelac is the best thing ever! It has helped me greatly with my candida overgrowth symtoms of chronic fatigue. I began to improve a few weeks after I started using it, stopped using it when I no longer needed it, but now I am back for more, as I am in a bit of trouble again.

I have been using this product for years and it's the only thing that helped when I first started using it for my candida. I used to have awful symptoms with terrible inflamed boils on my skin, especially around my neck, and within weeks this had cleared. Really recommend won't get it cheaper anywhere else either

Through the use of Threelac and various other supplements, I was able to get my long standing candida problem under control. I was taking at one stage 5 packets a day, but you need to work up to this gradually. Now I find if my diet has been poor, I take a packet from time to time to keep everything maintained. It seems to be working and I no longer have an issue with my candida.

This product seems to have a miraculous effect on my (super sensitive) digestive system; I'm not sure if I actually have low-level Candida but the symptoms are similar. I usually take one sachet per day before a meal but sometimes increase it to 2 or even 3 times per day if I'm likely to be eating food that's normally a bit too rich for me to digest. I always plenty on holiday with me and have also found it can calm an upset stomach.

Threelac is the first product that has helped me with candida. Soon after taking it, it seemed suddenly as if the whole of my insides feel better better and happier, especially helping with constipation. I have been taking it for 5 months taking 1-2 per day. I started feeling better within a few days.

Best product on the market. Works better with a balance diet. This taken with caprlic acid my candida was gone in 4 weeks after years of suffering!!

After two months on a candida diet taking many anti-fungals I only saw slight progress. I was not sure at first if I was going to purchase Threelac/ Fivelac because of some negative comments I read on the internet on a few websites, however I felt I did not have anything to lose, I am very glad I did. I have been taking 4 a day for just over a month and have noticed a real improvement, for me its been the magic bullet to sort out my candida and improve my skin. I would highly recommend trying it and the service offered by the finchley clinic is superb.

This is a high quality product that i've recently included to support my candida diet. At first i took one sachet but didn't see any improvements in my bowel movements. Once i increased the dosage to 2 sachets per day, one in the morning, one before going to sleep, my bowel movements became very regular and my stomach didn't feel bloated anymore. This is a great product , i highly recommend it!!

I take 2 sachets of threelac a day. My belly is not swollen anymore, my stools are very good, and I no longer suffer from fluid retention.

I was finally diagnosed with Candida after many years of problems - including gluten intolerance and bloating ++= - in fact my full diagnosis was M.E. - so I had brain fog etc. I took one sachet of Threelac for the first few days - but then went up to 2 a day.I immediately got symptoms of die off -it was not wise for anyone to use the toilet for at least ten minutes after I had been in it! This lasted for 4 months and then stopped. The doctor who had diagnosed me was really pleased with the results when I returned to see him - and I now take a month\'s supply every now and again to stay well and clear. You can get other products to help with the die off symptoms - but I saw the symptoms as a positive sign of change and put up with them. I have had no more bloating and can now eat bread and gluten products if I want to do so. Highly recommend this - it can be life changing - and I don't say that lightly.

I suffered from candida for years - depression, anxiety,brain fog, joints pains, dandruff, thrush, nail infections, sugar/alcohol cravings, weight gain, insomnia, acne. I really did feel like Threelac saved my life! Within 1st week of taking it ( 2 sachets a day) digestive issues went away, became regular/no more bloating, skin started clearing up, after 2 weeks realised I haven't been eating as much sugar and stopped overeating in general - definitely felt lighter! Brain fog and anxiety went away quite soon too, it took a bit longer (a few months) for joint pains to disappear. Sadly I stopped taking it at some point and due to diet high in sugar and alcohol candida is back with some of the symptoms, so I started taking Threelac again and see the results straight away - no bloating, skin clear, sleeping better, eating less within 8-10 days! Back on track!

I am taking Candizolv, Threelac, and Pau D'Arco. It's hard to say whether its a combination of all the products or just one of them that's helping me the most, but since taking this combination I have lost weight, have more energy, digestion has improved, less bloating and am sleeping better.

Threelac powder has been a life-changing supplement for me. I discovered it on this site and trust the products on here. I took Threelac powder after suffering from severe and debilitating candida for many years - symptoms included headaches, nausea, exhaustion, food intolerances, irritability and head fog. It had taken over my life and could only work part-time. Doctors told me it was in my mind - depressing and irritating. I must admit I had a high anti-biotic intake, high sugar, high refined carb diet so not surprising I had candida. I had tried many supplements without success before I tried Threelac. I started off taking one sachet of powder daily and had a severe die-off reaction - at least that proved it was working! After a break of a week, I re-started Threelac on half a sachet for approximately 10 months with a probiotic. I would rather take it slowly than put up with the die-off reaction. I came off it 4 years ago and have had no symptoms of candida. And at only half a sachet a day, it was relatively cheap. I read some people take 6 sachets daily - that would debilitate me, interesting how differently people react to it. For me, this product is by far the best for getting rid of candida, combined with a good pro-biotic (pro-biotics on their own didn't solve it).

As someone who has suffered from candida for over 20 years I have Threelac for 2 years in combination with Thyme Formula and  Formula I much prefer the capsules to the sachets and found them to be just as effective. I took 2 capsules twice a day. Taken regularly I have much less vaginal thrush which used to be a major problem for me. I also found it helped with my acne which is much better. I did try Fivelac for a few months some time ago but did not feel that this was any more effective. I usually feel really ill in the Autumn as I react to atmospheric moulds. Last year I had very little reaction which I attribute to Threelac taken regularly as I had not changed anything else. As the combination of products have curbed rather than cured my candida problem I am now trying other products, but would definitely recommend using Threelac. I would also recommend booking a consultation with Mark Lester at The Finchley Clinic if after 12 months or so your symptoms reappear when reducing products, as you may benefit from trying a different regime. His advice has certainly helped me.

Threelac is available in sachets or capsules. Try it now, and let us know how you get on.

Mark G. Lester
Director - The Finchley Clinic Ltd

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