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We have a comprehensive range of food-based and herbal products, which are ideal for use in combination with the nutritional advice that you already provide. Particularly popular with our customers are our range of antioxidants, cleanse & detox supplements, digestive aids, probiotics, nutrients fortified meal shakes, protein powders and dairy-free or gluten-free ranges. We also stock a range of organic registered health foods and supplements.

Health - who wants to be average?

We believe that optimum nutrition and a sense of well-being can be achieved by almost anyone, given the right tools and information. Unfortunately, in this modern age, people have become resigned to feeling tired, lacklustre and generally unwell. Aches and pains have become an accepted part of everyday life. This is in no small part due to the fact that the average diet is now packed full of over-processed, nutrient-poor and chemically-enhanced food and drink. These are highly acid-forming, leading to over-acidity in the body, inflammation and, in many cases, ill-health. Restore health and balance to your body with alkalising and enzymerich nutrients from natural whole foods, which support optimal nutrition.

You are what you eat. 

The energy produced from the food you eat powers all of the incredible unseen processes in your body. For instance, your digestive health is maintained by some 300 different strains of bacteria and other micro-organisms, while your immune system replaces its entire ‘army’ every week. Your bones are in a constant state of renewal and even your external skin is replaced every month! All this, and more, is done using only the nutrients that you choose to supply to your body through the food you eat and any supplements you take. Your day-to-day diet and lifestyle are the most important factors in maintaining long-term health, vitality and well-being - so make healthy choices.

Which foods are acidic, alkaline or neutral?

Whether a food is acid- or alkali-forming is not to be confused
with the immediate acidity of a food. Grapefruit, for example,
contains citric acid and can therefore taste sour. However, citric
acid is completely metabolised and the net effect of eating a
grapefruit is to actually alkalise the body!
In shaping our diets, and supporting our health and vitality
for the long-term, it is essential to include the ideal ratio
of acid to alkaline foods.
The key is to eat plenty of seasonal, preferably organic, fruit, vegetables and other whole foods that are naturally high in a wide range of vital nutrients. Or, where this is not always possible, to supplement with the same.

Meat, fish, poultry and game
(including broths, soups
and extracts)
Cheese and eggs
Grains: wheat, rice, oats, barley,
buckwheat, and all grain
products (including all kinds
of flours and breads)
Sugar of all kinds and all
sugar-containing products
Beans and legumes
Condiments, coffee, tea
and alcohol.


Some seeds (including
sunflower, pumpkin and
sesame seeds)
Fats (including butter,
margarine and vegetable oils,
such as olive, sunflower, flax
and sesame).

*NOTE: Fruits are only alkaline once
they are ripe. However, some, such as
lemons, are usually acid-forming in
practice because they aren’t available in
a tree-ripened state. Dried prunes are
also acid-forming.


Fruits* (e.g. apples, apricots,
bananas, cherries, figs, dates,
currants, grapefruit, grapes,
oranges, mangoes, papayas,
raspberries etc)
Vegetables (e.g. asparagus,
aubergines, avocados, beetroot,
broccoli, sprouts, cabbage,
carrots, celery, spinach,
cucumber etc)
Nuts (including almonds, Brazil
nuts, chestnuts etc)
Seed used as grain (millet).

Modern living. 

In this modern age of technology, media, genetic modification, environmental pollution, toxic overload and overuse of medication, nutrition has become more important than ever. As a result of a number of factors, including modern farming and processing techniques, long-distance transportation of foods, the growth of ‘fast foods’ and the increased use of herbicides, pesticides, additives, preservatives and other harmful synthetic chemicals in our foods, the nutrient content of the average diet has sadly declined. At the same time, our lifestyles have become ever more fast-paced, with increasing demands being placed on our time, energy levels, immunity, digestion and general health. This has led many people to wonder how they might better support their bodies, ensure healthy nutrient intake and achieve optimum nutrition in a modern context.

Nutrition made easy.

How do we ensure that our families are getting the broad spectrum of nutrients that they need on a daily basis? What’s more, if we have a restricted diet (such as vegan, vegetarian, organic, coeliac, diabetic, dairy-free or gluten-free), how can we help to avoid deficiencies? One of the best ways to achieve these health goals remains through careful meal planning - nothing can replace a balanced diet. Eating a variety of fresh, seasonal and organic fruits, vegetables and other natural whole foods goes a long way to helping you achieve optimum nutrition. However, for the reasons already mentioned, it is not always possible to meet your body’s nutritional requirements through diet alone. Daily shakes, fortified with high-quality, food form nutrients and free from added ‘nasties’, can provide a quick and easy means of topping up on nutrients.

The importance of digestion.

Nutritional medicine places great emphasis on the digestive tract. This is understandable, because it is where we obtain the goodness from the food we eat and where we eliminate toxins and waste, which would be harmful to our bodies if left to remain. The health of our liver, lymphatic system and immune system are also all greatly affected by the state of our digestive system, and intestines more particularly.

Body cleanse and detox.

We are continually exposed to toxins, in one form or another, and so our bodies are continually trying to remove them. Every toxin you are exposed to will arrive at your liver, your body’s chief detoxification organ. However, none of the detoxification systems work in isolation; they all depend on one another. If one detox system is overworked or functioning poorly (such as the digestive system), this will place additional stress on other systems.

Make it count this time.

The best kept secret in the slimming world is that there is no “magic pill” that is going to make you lose weight and keep it off for the long-term. If there is a product that makes that claim, it is either part of a fad diet or could be detrimental to your health. In this age of miracle diets, it can be hard to know what your body really needs to lose weight. The smart approach to staying fit and in shape, and achieving your ideal weight naturally, is to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise, which reflects your individuality. Of course, it’s not always as easy as that - if it was, it would be a cinch for everybody to lose weight. Sometimes you need a little extra support, particularly in the early days. Sensible supplementation, used in conjunction with a balanced, calorie-controlled diet, can help you to achieve your goals. Sunny Day Supplements’ Weight Management range is specifically designed to support your body’s own natural processes, including metabolism, fat burning and the processing of complex carbohydrates.

Women have unique health needs.

Let’s face it - being a woman is not always easy! Pre-menstrual problems and unpleasant menopause symptoms have, until fairly recently, been accepted as a woman’s lot. Yet the experience of, for instance, bloating, low energy levels, water retention, irritability, headaches, tension, breast tenderness and hot flashes associated with these periods in a woman’s life, are avoidable in the vast majority of cases. Diet and nutrient intake are key. Women have unique health needs Hormones are some of the most powerful chemicals in the body, so it is hardly surprising that they can wreak havoc when not properly balanced. Unlike synthetic treatments and medications, natural vitamins and other essential nutrients obtained from the diet can support the balance in a woman’s body, without disrupting its natural chemistry. Sunny Day Supplements have formulated products to support a woman’s unique health needs. People from all walks of life rely on Sunny Day Supplements products daily to support their health goals, whatever they might be - improving their overall health and vitality, supporting an allergy, shaping up or living an active lifestyle. Our philosophy is that your health is your responsibility, so take a positive step towards better health and vitality with our help today! Find us on Facebook.

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